2021: BBNaija 10 Things Emmanuel Said When He Met Biggie In The Diary Room


The Diary Session is the period housemates interact with the moderator of Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) on things bothering them during their stay in the house although they are still denied the opportunity of seeing his face and knowing his identity.

This is the period housemate pour out their feelings in confidentiality without having to feel other housemates would listen. Biggie on the other hand instructs them on what to do that won’t be known by other housemates.

Each housemate took their turn in the Diary Session and this is a summary of Emmanuel when he met Biggie one on one.

1} I’m feeling okay and totally normal.

2} I’m mimicking Saskay and it’s really tough because most times Saskay is sleeping and I’m not the sleeping type.

3} my relationship with Liquorose is going through trials and tribulations right now.

4} Liquorose attitude came as a surprise to me and I still don’t know what I did wrong.

5} I’ve been asking myself and Liquorose question about what I did wrong to her

6} Liquorose sudden attitude has been disturbing me.

7} it’s not just possible to allow Liquorose go, i will keep trying to get her back because deep down I like her alot.

8} I want me and Liquorose to get back the way we use to be.

9} I feel like I messed up and it’s really hard on me, I’m trying not to loose focus in the game.

10} I really care about Liquorose.


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