Sometimes Being Ugly Is The Best – Toke Makinwa Says As She’s Not Getting Toasters Despite Being Beautiful


Media personality Toke Makinwa has claimed that sometimes being an ugly lady is the best ad beautiful ladies like herself don’t get toasters as some people presume.

Toke Makinwa sharing more light on why most people ladies are still single and don’t get toasters despite being beautiful revealed that she’s also single hence anyone interested in her should shoot their shot even though she might say no to some.

According to her, most beautiful ladies are still single and don’t get toasters because men think they have a lot of toasters since they are beautiful and will be forming themselves hence decide not to come close to them at all which is why most beautiful ladies are still single.

Toke Makinwa then said that sometimes being ugly is the best because most men will approach you just because they think no one will be rushing you like they rush the beautiful ladies just like herself.

Toke Makinwa also decided to give guys interested in her the free range to come and toast her despite the fact that she might say no to some of them, and that also doesn’t mean they should run away because she’s beautiful and will get a lot of toasters.


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