Vera Sidika Reveals Why She Decided To Give Birth In Kenya Instead Of USA Despite Having 5yrs Visa


IG model Vera Sidika has disclosed why she chose to give birth in Kenya instead of going to the US despite having a valid 5yrs Visa says nothing beats home.

Vera Sidika in an IG post disclosed that she almost traveled to the US to give birth to her child since her 5yrs Visa is still valid but changed her mind along the line after weighing her options, she decided to give birth in Kenya.

According to her, this covid pandemic isn’t a joke and she couldn’t handle the idea of being away from her family and friends during her pregnancy for 4 to 6 months as she needs all the love and care she could get.

Adding that being in a foreign land where everyone is super busy working 2 or more jobs to even have time for you can be very depressing especially in this Covid-19 time and she needs all the love she could get from family and friends.

Vera Sidika then stated that you will just end up being alone while everyone is at work and for that reason, she made the right decision by staying in Kenya and she enjoyed her entire pregnancy journey adding that nothing beats home.

Screenshot below;


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