Seun Kuti Replies A Follower Who Asked Him Whether He Wears Pants After Mocking Gays


Singer Seun Kuti has replied gently to a follower who asked him a dumb question of whether he wears pants after sharing a photo of himself wearing a pant.

Seun Kuti shared a photo of himself wearing a pink dress with some pants making fun of gays saying some boys can’t wear pink because it will give them away and not because it’s girls’ color and looks girlie.

This follower who appeared to be in disbelieve with what he saw in the photo went ahead to ask Seun Kuti whether he wears pants as portrayed in the photo and he was so gentle with his reply to him saying he wears hot pants.

Though the question the follower asked seems dumb, he’s one way right to ask that because Seun Kuti has painted a picture in the mind of most people that he doesn’t wear pants as every other guy does hence the reason for his question.

And he was so generous with his reply by telling the follower that he wears hot pants when it was obvious in the photo. If it were to be some other person, the follower might have received an insult of a lifetime but Seun Kuti didn’t do that.

Some boys can’t wear pink, they say it’s too girlie, I say it is because it will give them away🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #getthesax



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