Don’t Beg, Don’t Chase, Relax It Will Come To You – BBNaija’s CeeC Advises


BBNaija reality show star CeeC has advised individuals not to beg or chase after anything as they should relax since it will come to them on their own at the right time.

CeeC joining the motivational speakers on Instagram advised individuals not to beg for anything neither should they chase after what they want or wish for because it will come to them when they relax about it.

According to her, don’t be needy and don’t beg for something or chase after something but rather relax because when you relax the thing you are after will come to you in its own time and space.

This quote of Ceec is quite something because understanding that something will come to you on its own without you begging or chasing it is not easy as it seems since nothing comes free these days.

Could it be that CeeC is trying to advise individuals to relax in everything they are doing and not rush them since it will be difficult to get the best result of something when you do it in a rush or it has a different interpretation that we are yet to know about?

Screenshot below;


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