Stop Praying For Nigeria, Fight Instead- Seun Kuti Tells Pastors And Imams


Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti, has lashed out at Nigerian Pastors and Imams as he has asked them to stop asking their congregants to pray for Nigeria.

According to him, clerics should start telling their congregants to fight for the country instead of praying for the country.

Taking to his Instagram page, he opined that the time of praying is over and it is now time to take action and see positive results.

He wrote: Switch up the sermon! I mean when some Pastors in some churches weren’t performing, we didn’t pray for them, we sacked them ( fought) from office. When some girls say some pastors raped them we didn’t pray for them na. When one man say one pastor knack him wife , the pastor no pray for am o but everyday pray for Nigeria, pray for your leaders. FIGHT FOR NIGERIA!! #getthesax

See reactions:

egypt80band: “Papa dey for house, Mama dey for house”

obels92: If say pray for Nigeria dey work, leaders for dey arrest pastors wey dey suggest am 😂

juliet_kreese_1: They are perfect 😍🔥❤️😈💜

agwu00: The Catholic Church literarily made a prayer for Nigeria, they have been reciting this prayer for over a decade am sure nothing done happen. Instead Na so so backwards Naija de regress to………….Finally, folks should start fighting for their lives than praying for their lives.

believers_mindset: The priests and Imams are part of the ruling system, The governmental system is the rat, Priests and Imams na the gentle wind to blow as the system dey eat us

reignroman5: They’ve been praying since 1960 and it will continue to get worse because prayer is wishful thinking. If wishes were horses beggars will ride

therealblackfacenaija: We don do all the fighting already with our music and God don answer Nigerians that’s why we get light like this for our area,Una turn fit be tommrw or next week 😂

king_gbemisola: Actually some clerics are enjoying the chaos. You can see the spokesman of bandits for example as he Dey do interstate tour


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