Nothing Stresses Me Out More Than Friends Who Feel We Must Talk Everyday — Actress Shalewa


Nollywood actress Shalewa has said that what stresses her out the most is when some friends feel they must talk and see each other every day or week.

Shalewa bemoaned how such friends always want to be updated about everything major happening in her life immediately.

She pointed out that time matters in this as what needs to be revealed, or talked about will happen at the right time and it doesn’t have to be every minute, hour, or day and clearly underline the fact that it does not mean she hates you or does not care about you.

Her rant was contained in a post on her Instagram story.

Here are some reactions below;

It safe to say they aren’t your friends maybe them be just colleagues, true friends and friendship longs for each other and can’t wait to gist themselves everything and anything


Let’s start from differentiating real friends from acquaintances… that distinction will go a long way.


Everyone has their own lives to lead, and among all the daily schedules of work and college, juggling the everyday part is really challenging.
I do message though WhatApp, Twitter and Instagram to my friends every few days but I guess we can go weeks without talking and yet, when we do talk – it was like nothing between us has changed.


Y’all and wokeness sef. There’s nothing wrong with your FRIEND wanting to call you everyday or see your everyday. If you don’t like the person just unfriend him/her.



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