Tolanibaj Savagely Replies A Troll Who Advised Her To Get A Job –


BBNaija reality show star Tolanibaj has savagely replied to a troll who had the audacity to enter her DM to ask her whether she doesn’t have a job, asking her to get a job.

According to her, this troll had the audacity to ask her why she’s always sitting home and doing videos wondering if she doesn’t have a job and the audacity the troll had to ask her to have a job is what marveled her.

Tolanibaj in her response said she doesn’t have to leave her house to make money and moreover God has blessed her so much just for being Tolanibaj and doesn’t need to go out and find a job like others are doing.

Adding that before any of these trolls decide to be smart in someone’s DM, they should think about it since the person might not be poor as they think and God is so good to her for just being Tolanibaj hence she doesn’t need to go out to work.

There are a lot of legit ways one can sit home and make money and we guess Tolanibaj is making use of some of these ways hence doesn’t need to go out in search of a job like some others do each and every blessed day.


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