Stop Romancing Bad Behavior With ‘That’s Who I Am’ – Rita Dominic Advises


Actress Rita Dominic has advised those with bad behavior to stop romancing it with the phrase ‘that’s who I am’ asking them to behave themselves.

Rita Dominic agrees with ….. originally shared by someone else shared it on her Twitter handle to advise her fans who fall in such category asking the stop romancing bad behavior and behave themselves very well.

Most people usually hide behind the notion that they behave badly because that’s who they are but Rita Dominic seems to disagree with that as she thinks such people can behave themselves well and not hide behind the claims of being who they are.

Some bad behaviors are very difficult to curb but no matter how difficult it is, Rita Dominic believes the person can behave himself/herself to some point if not change totally instead of hiding behind it saying that is who you are.

Some of our celebrities fall on this table as they usually choose violence whenever they clash with others always hiding behind the saying that is who they are but Rita Dominic thinks it’s bad behavior on their side and needs to behave themselves.


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