Regina Daniels And Her Favorite Uncle Jam To Shatta Wale’s ‘Taking Over’ – Video


Actress Regina Daniels seems to be enjoying songs from Shatta Wale as she has been spotted the second time jamming to his song ‘Taking Over’ with her favorite uncle.

Regina Daniels shared the video on her InstaStory dancing excitedly while trying so hard to sing the Twi and Ga part word to word but it was a bit difficult since she can’t speak the language but sung the English part so well.

It seems she and her favorite uncle fell in love with the rhythm of the song and the English part which motivates individuals to go high in whatever they do and this is the first time we are seeing her with her uncle.

According to Regina Daniels, the man she was seen jamming to the song with is her favorite uncle who happens to be the younger brother of her father and he also appeared to love this song from Shatta Wale as he was also trying to sing along.

It seems now our Ghanaian artists are penetrating the Nigerian market because they now seem to be listening and dancing to songs from them and the last time it was Alex Unusual dancing to Bisa K’dei’s Jwe and now Regina Daniels jamming to Shatta Wale‘s song.

Regina Daniels and her favorite uncle made the video so lively with the way they were trying to sing the song along while jamming to it and even though they were finding it difficult at some point, the smiles on their faces show they were enjoying it so much.


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