Mercy Johnson Appreciates Fans As She Makes The List Of 100 Most Influential African Women


Actress Mercy Johnson has appreciated her fans and loved ones as she makes it to Avance Media’s 100 most Influential African women saying she’s nothing without them.

Mercy Johnson was honored by Avance Media as one of the most influential African women and has returned the gratitude to her fans and loved ones who made it possible saying there’s not Mercy Johnson without them

Mercy Johnson indeed deserves to be on the list of 100 most influential African women because she’s indeed influential in every single aspect and she motives a lot of people to do more even her own colleagues.

Being grateful to her fans for giving her such an honor, Mercy Johnson took to her Instagram page to appreciate and thank them all for the love they’ve shown her through the year saying she wouldn’t have been who she is today without them.

Mercy Johnson also expressed love for them in return telling her fans how much she also loves them and to show her appreciation, she decided to do a giveaway to motivate them in loving and supporting her brand as always.

It’s not easy to be recognized by others for the good work you’ve been doing as an individual and Mercy Johnson has been privileged to have received her flowers today by being recognized by Avance Media and making the list o 100 most influential African women.



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