It’s Very Disrespectful To Post Photos Of Your Married Baby Daddy – Ese Eriata Berates 2Face’s Baby Mama Pero


Actress Ese Eriata has berated the baby mama of 2Face Idibia, Pero saying it’s very disrespectful to post photos of your married baby daddy no matter what the reason is.

Ese Eriata reacting to a post of a concerned fan talking about how Pero always shares images of 2Face Idibia with his children whenever he visits them in the state said it’s totally wrong and very disrespectful in her opinion.

According to Ese Eriata, she doesn’t care how much unity is between the baby mama and the wife but to her, it’s very wrong for a baby mama to share photos of her married baby daddy on social media whenever he visits her and his children.

Adding that she will never do such a thing if she was in her shoes no matter how cool she is with the wife of her baby daddy because it’s very disrespectful towards the wife and very wrong for her as a baby mama to do so.

This posting of photos of 2Face Idibia and his children whenever he visits Pero seems to be the cause of the problem they are having now that led to Annie Idibia’s outburst on social media and Ese Eriata seems to be on the side of Annie.

We guess Ese Eriata isn’t trying to say that baby mamas should hide their baby daddies but in the case of Pero who happens to share photos of 2Face Idibia to show the world that he has visited them is what she thinks is totally wrong and disrespectful.

screenshot below;


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