Every Woman Must Not Be 1st Wife, And Not Every Man Must Marry Single Ladies – Ugezu J Ugezu Educates Us


Actor cum producer Ugezu J Ugezu has educated us on the marital journey of most people saying not every woman must be 1st wife and not every man must marry a single lady.

Ugezu J Ugezu posted saying as sad as this may sound, it’s nothing but the undiluted truth that most people don’t know and make the mistake of blaming themselves or others when their marriages don’t last or end well as they expected.

According to him, there are people whose chi has ruled that they must be happy in marriage as second, third, or even fourth wives and there are men who can only start enjoying marriage only when they marry widows or divorced ladies.

But these people proceed to marry by their own wish/whims without verifying from their chi and will continue to experience a disaster in their marriages but then won’t know the cause because they didn’t consult their chi before getting married.

Adding that not every woman must be first wife and not every man must marry a single lady hence if you know your chi and what it has ruled for you, you will know the peace of mind because everything will be in order and look perfect for you.

Ugezu J Ugezu then added a disclaimer that his post is not for social media professors of everything and scholars of nothing but strictly for those who wish to understand the dynamics of CHI only.

screenshot below;


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