Brymo Serves A Troll Who Tried To Label Him A R@pist In His Own Coin


Singer Brymo has served a troll who tried to label him a [email protected] in his own coin asking him to go and register himself as a s.ex offender before the law nabs him.

Brymo in a tweet hailed himself as the animal, and the spirit and the troll reacting to that added the [email protected] trying to tag him as a [email protected] but gave it back to him in his own coin, turning the table around and labeling the troll a [email protected] instead.

According to Brymo, the troll already pronounced himself a [email protected] and that tag suit him very well asking him to go and register himself as a s.ex offender and stop projecting that behavior on his page before the law nabs him.

Labeling Brymo as a [email protected] is a very huge allegation and the troll might have a reason for trying to tag him that but he has been so smart to turn the table around and not allow someone to ruin his hard built reputation and brand.

Brymo has never been accused of being a [email protected] but for the troll to bluntly call him that or tag him that means either he has evidence to that or just trying to be f00lish and get some attention from him which he gave with his reply.

screenshot below;


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