Beverly Naya Explains What Will Happen Once A Guy With Beard Decides To Lose It


Actress Beverly Nanya has explained what will happen once a guy with a beard decides to lose it and join the no beard gang and it’s best if they keep it.

Beverly Naya who seems to have so much knowledge about the outcome when a guy with a beard decides to lose it and join the no beard gang gave an alternative to them or else they will lose almost 70% of the women attracted to them.

According to her, once a guy decides to lose his beard and join the no beard gang, he will also be losing about 70% of the women who are physically attracted to him because of his beard since what they love and were attracted to is no more.

Beverly Naya gave men an alternative to either not have a beard and gain a woman’s attraction that to have a grown one and then cut it then the woman will lose her desire for him all together and it will be their loss.

Beverly Naya seems to have experience with this beard gang losing it to join the no beard gang as she seems to know exactly what will happen when a lady falls in love with you because of your beard and you later lose it.

It’s true some ladies fall in love with a guy because of his physical attraction and just lose interest in them the moment things change and it seems some ladies love beards so much that they turn to lose interest if their men cut off the beard.


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