‘These Days Adults Are Being Counseled By Kids’ — Reality TV Star, Chris Adah On Marriage


Reality TV star, Chris Adah has sparked a conversation about marriage on social media as she shares an observation made about married people and those unmarried.

Chris Adah asserted on her Instagram story that shockingly to her, the most advice on marriage have come from folks who have not been ever married and pointed out that in recent times adults are the ones being counseled by the young ones.

According to her, no matter how long one has been married it does not make you an expert in marriage.

In other news, Nollywood actor, Ugezu J Ugezu has tackled women who act like saints on social media by condemning the same thing they practice in a different way.

Ugezu J Ugezu posited that most of the women that come online to vehemently condemn polygamy are the same women dating married men offline.

The talented script-interpreter wondered why some people love living fake lives just to please the people they have already displeased with lies as pointed out that there are too many saints online.

A lot of social media users agreed with his assertion and cited Tega’s case as an example claiming those who are condemning her for flirting with a man on TV are also sleeping with married men.


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