There Is No Being On Earth That Is Talentless — Actress, Rita Dominic


Legendary Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic has made an insightful remark about humans and talent on social media.

Talents or gift plays a major and significant role in the life of a person as far as his or her journey on the earth is concerned. The talent or gift a person has to a large extent gives him a sense of purpose and influences his life’s choices.

Rita Dominic believes God has embedded a gift in every human being therefore one cannot assume or conclude that he or she is talentless.

According to the illustrious entrepreneur and script-interpreter, one should dig deep into him or herself to find the talent God blessed him or her with suggesting that many have not been able to identify their God-given talent.

See her tweet below;

Meanwhile, actor, Ugezu J Ugezu has tackled women who act like saints on social media by condemning the same thing they practice in a different way.

Ugezu J Ugezu posited that most of the women that come online to vehemently condemn polygamy are the same women dating married men offline.

The talented script-interpreter wondered why some people love living fake lives just to please the people they have already displeased with lies as pointed out that there are too many saints online.

A lot of social media users agreed with his assertion and cited Tega’s case as an example claiming those who are condemning her for flirting with a man on TV are also sleeping with married men.

See screenshot below;


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