Olakunle Churchill Confusing Us Again As He Labels Eniola Badmus as His Sister


Olakunle Churchill has confused us once again with his sister-brother thing as he now labels Eniola Badmus

as his sister while celebrating her birthday.

Yesterday was the birthday of Eniola Badmus and Olakunle Churchill celebrating her labeled her as his sister in the birthday message he sent and we are confused as to the kind of relationship he has with her since he had no idea they were siblings.

Olakunle Churchill some years back labeled Rosy Meurer as his sister but today she’s his wife hence calling Eniola Badmus as his sister has raised alarms of whether it’s his understanding of brother and sister or the general brother and sister relationship.

Some netizens have asked him to stop confusing us with his brother-sister relationship as he now labels every lady as his sister and this time around its Eniola Badmus who we have no idea has any relationship with until now.

Could it be that Olakunle Churchill is just trying to build a brother-sister relationship with Eniola Badmus just as he did with Rosy Meurer until she became his wife and mother of his son since he’s now referring to her as his sister?

A loyal sister is worth a thousand friends. I celebrate you today @eniola_badmus may each and every moment of your special day be filled with the same joy and happiness you bring to others.


screenshot below;


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