Nkechi Blessing And Wife Of Yomi Casual, Grace Reveals They Won’t Leave Their Husband’s Because He Cheated


Actress Nkechi Blessing and the wife of Yomi Casual, Grace Makun have disclosed that there’s no way they are going to leave their husbands just because they cheated on them.

Nkechi Blessing posted saying that thing about leaving your husband because he cheated weak her asking where exactly is she leaving to to show that there’s no way she’s leaving her husband just because he cheated.

The wife of Yomi Casual, Grace Makun reacting to that agreed with Nkechi Blessing by calling all the women who won’t leave their husband’s because they cheated saying team marital no leave no transfer to gather here.

The two ladies have assured their husbands that they are not leaving them just because they cheated on them as they have no where to go if they leave their marital home for another lady to come and occupy just because their husband cheated on them.

Social media folks usually call out these female celebrities if their husbands cheat on them but Nkechi Blessing and Grace Makun have made it clear that there’s no way they will be leaving their husbands for anyone to come and take their place just because they cheated.

We can’t tell if aside from cheating they will leave their husbands because they never mentioned but then when it comes to cheating they won’t leave them but that doesn’t mean they can also cheat on them just because they won’t leave them.

Screenshot below;


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