Great Minds Have A Touch Of Madness, Don’t Let Anyone’s Judgment Define You – Uche Elendu Advises


Actress Uche Elendu has claimed that great minds have a little touch of madness hence you shouldn’t let anyone’s judgment define you or do things they want.

Uche Elendu for some reason just popped up saying that there has never been any great mind without a touch of madness hence if you think you have a great mind, you surely have a touch of madness in you.

She went ahead to advise that not to let anyone’s judgment define you just because you have a great mind and you exhibit the touch of madness that you have in you to actualize the great mind you are having.

According to her, no great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness therefore, it’s your duty not to let anyone’s judgment define you in any way and make sure you actualize your great mindset.

Everyone who has a great mind has visions that sometimes are seen as impossible things but then get actualized at the end of it all and we don’t know if that is what Uche Elendu is referring to as the touch or madness or she has something else in mind.

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