Two Good People Can Have A Bad Relationship – Timi Dakolo Says


Singer Timi Dakolo has made it clear to us that two good people can have a bad relationship as well and not always that one is good and the other is bad as we have been thinking.

Timi Dakolo reacting to the numerous relationship saga on social media wanted us to know that it’s not as a result of the people in the relationship being bad as two good people can have a bad relationship.

According to him, just so we know, two people that are good in every aspect can also have a bad relationship and not necessarily because one is bad and the other is good but might be as a result of something else and the two would be good people.

Two good people having issues in their relationship is something most of us haven’t thought about but Timi Dakolo has drawn our attention to the fact that two good people can also have a bad relationship just like bad people also can have a good relationship.

Whether you are good or bad, it’s up to you the individual to fight and handle your relationship so well and make sure not to have a bad relationship, or even if you get to have a bad relationship you will know how to handle it.

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