Timi Dakolo Worried As His Son Begins Secondary School – Refuses To Accept That He’s A Big Boy Now


Singer Timi Dakolo has expressed worry as his son begins secondary school as he has refused to accept the fact that he’s now a big boy and can handle certain things.

Timi Dakolo in a post expressed worry about his son going to secondary school and he won’t be able to supervise him or take care of him like he used to be in the house even though the boy has assured him not to worry about anything.

According to him, his mind is not accepting that his son is now a big boy and is going to secondary school because he still wants to supervise his every dead and all but he says he shouldn’t worry because he can do that himself

Timi Dakolo then added that he is secretly worried about who his son’s friends would be and going as far as the girl he would like or would look like and plead with the lady not to serve his son breakfast (heartbreak) as most ladies do.

Saying they usually talk about everything but his son is a man now telling him he doesn’t need to worry and doesn’t need to know about the girl he would like and all that wondering if he’s overreacting or not.

I still want to supervise his every deed and all,but he says don’t worry daddy. I can do that myself.

I am secretly worried about who his friends would be and going as far as the girl he would like would look like.And how I will plead to her not to serve him breakfast (heart break).

We use to talk about everything but guy man is now saying “you don’t need to know about that daddy.


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