Feeling Successful Is Definitely My Way Of Being Happy – Regina Daniels Disclose


Young actress cum mother of 1 Regina Daniels has disclosed that feeling successful is definitely her way of being happy and not going to clubs as most of us thought.

Regina Daniels loves going to party with her brothers and friends to entertain and make herself happy and most of us concluded that clubbing is one of the ways she uses to make herself happy but she has proved us wrong with this post.

Sharing a video of herself dancing with joy over how well her Regina Daniels fashion trend is moving and becoming successful, Regina Daniels disclosed that feeling successful is actually the best way of making herself happy.

According to her, feeling successful is definitely her way of being happy and not other ways as most of us concluded based on her social media posts and this indeed makes her one of a kind just as she said in a previous post.

Everyone gets happy when they become successful with something they are doing but Regina Daniels claims to her being feeling successful is her way of being happy and she’s happy now because her clothing line is becoming a success.

Regina Daniels despite being married to a rich man works hard to earn her own small money and that is one thing we love about her because most young ladies wouldn’t have made use of the money and fame she has now but try to spend their husband’s money only.


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