Tuface Is Not Cheating, He Is Living A Polygamous Life – Gov. Yahaya Adoza Bello’s former aide


The former aide of Governor Yahaya Bello has reacted to the Idibia war which has been making headlines on many blogs recently.
According to Petra Akinti, she sees nothing wrong with what Tuface has been accused of. In as much as Tuface loves Pero, he is gravely disrespecting Annie as insinuated by Petra in a Facebook post.

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She claims Tuface is not cheating on her wife but rather practicing polygamy. She added that he should be a man enough to cut ties with Annie if he really wants one legal wife and obviously that will be Pero.

He wrote;

Tuface is a weak man. He obviously loves Pero. But he’s disrespecting Annie to make that one see that writing on the wall. That one, typical Naija woman is thinking of how she’s stuck with him through thick and thin and claiming rights. Both of them need to have the boldness to live their truth.

What Tuface is doing is not cheating. He’s living a polygamous life. He needs to man up and make it official or grow enough balls to divorce Annie if he wants so only one legal wife because she won’t leave. She’s become …..er child for accepting everything thrown at her in the name of love… no self-respect whatsoever- until recently that she’s spoken out.

Here is how some netizens reacted to her take on the Idibia war. Ghgossip culled some reactions below;

Gimbiya Farve Kwaha wrote; Annie will be forced to leave very soon. Pero is obviously the preferred woman by both Tubaba and his family.

Idoko Felix Ojonumi wrote; He should man up and marry the two of them make we rest. In fact, He’s “married” to two women as far as I am concerned.

Temitope Arike Ajayi wrote; I said the same thing on a post. The two-faced human should chest his polygamous nature. He shouldn’t bother much, this is Africa, he’s well covered.


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