‘I Could Beat My Girlfriend’s Dad If He Shouts At Her In My Presence’ – Nigerian man


A Nigerian man has brought Twitter alive by saying bluntly he would not hesitate to administer physical assault on the father of his girlfriend if he ever disrespects her in his presence.

He emphasises he won’t stand aloof if anyone insults or commits any form of misdemeanour against his girlfriend right in his presence, not even her own father. The man with Twitter username @Divineze said that if his girlfriend’s father should shout at her in his presence, he would consider beating the man.

He made the statement while reacting to a tweep’s question on what is the disadvantage of dating him. @Divineze wrote; ”If your Dad raises his voice on you in my presence. I fit deck am straight. You are his Daughter but you are my baby”

In a related development, a young man has taken to social media soliciting help for her mother whose level of promiscuity has spiralled out of control and eating him for which reason he wants the best remedy to help her deal with the situation.

The teenage boy said his mother has opened her leg for almost all the guys in their neighbourhood and it’s increasingly becoming embarrassing. The man who wrote on the condition of anonymity said he is the only son of his single mother, and her actions are troubling and shameful.

A portion of his message read; “Please I want to be hidden. I am 19 and the first son of my single mom, I think my mum is about 40 or so. She has 3 of us and we all live in a one-room self-contain apartment in Lagos while my mum sells in a small shop in a big market.

“I am 19 but I am not blind, I am not too young to notice what my mum is doing. She is so smart that she doesn’t allow any of us to see what she does but I know she is not clean… Everybody on my street is talking about her, even when I walk on the street, people look at me somehow.


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