I Didn’t Sign Up For This – Simi Cries Out After Losing Her Wig At Home


Songstress Simi has cried out after losing her wig in her matrimonial home saying she didn’t sign up for that saying imagine marrying for love and losing your favorite wig.

Simi in her post said she married for love but lost her favorite wig and no one seems to know where the wig is saying she didn’t sign up for this to be losing her favorite things just like that without any traces.

According to her, she asked her husband Adekunle Gold whether he has chanced on the wig but he said know and the fact that they are the only ones in the house marvels her as her daughter Deja wouldn’t know where the wig is or what to do with it.

Simi‘s post is just so funny that she tried her best to blame her husband Adekunle Gold for her missing wig asking him to better look for the wig for her or she might bill him with a new wig.

Simi and Adekunle Gold are so lovely together and she always tries to get him talking with most of her posts and this particular one insinuates that either Adekunle Gold threw her wig away or she just wants to worry him to get her a new wig.


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