A Lot Of Married Women Are S£x Starved’ – Blessing Okoro


Controversial relationship coach, Blessing Okoro Nkiruka has revealed that a lot of married woman are messed emotionally because their men have turned them to wood in their matrimonial home.

Blessing Okoro claimed in a post on her Instagram page that most women are se.x starved and they easily get wet at a smile by the opposite se.x not because they are loose but they hungry for se.x.

According to the divorcee, married women are very easy to get now so men should endeavor to satisfy their wives in order not to risk losing them to other men.

She wrote;

If you just smile at them they are wet ooooo. I am not joking , they are not loose women they are sex starved ,many married women are messed up emotionally, their men have turned them to Funitures 😏

See some reactions on social media below;

And a lot of them are broke too .only depends on the peanuts their husband gives and and change they get from buying food items now Nigeria come hard everything on high side it becomes the worst some married women can’t even help their family without their husbands knowing or doing it because they don’t have money of their own while the man is spending money on side chicks. Omo everyone deserves happiness oo. No one come this world differently whatever that makes you happy do no one die they use each other to burial.


True talk sister….. men go head girls outside but no go head there wives….dem go head community p Nd suffer innocent one I love u blessing for always spitting fire truth


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