Jnr Pope Chides Onyii Alex For Saying It’s A Sin For A Broke Man To Fall In Love With Her


Actor Jnr Pope has chid his colleague Onyii Alex for saying it’s a sin for a broke man to fall in love with her asking others not to let the pressure on social media kill them.

Onyii Alex posted saying as a hustler she doesn’t need a broke man in her life hence it’s a sin for a broke man to profess his love to her saying she needs someone who is hustling just like her and not that she would be the one taking care of the broke guy in her life.

Jnr Pope seems to have a different perspective in respect to that saying that rich men have helped 95 percent of broke women before and they even set them up therefore why can’t it happen the other way round.

According to Jnr Pope, ladies should not be deceived because social media will fvck their psych up saying with a broke guy and a girl with prospects you can build an empire because it’s a process.

Adding that they should not let anyone use pressure kill them because in their little they are all trying, therefore, no one should deceive them with their perspective asking who does that chiding Onyii Alex.

Screenshot below;


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