What Makes You Think You Deserve A Lady’s Number After Watching Her Pay For Her Groceries – Tolanibaj Asks Men


BBNaija reality show star Tolanibaj has asked men what makes them think they deserve a lady’s number after watching her pay for her groceries.

Tolanibaj who seems to have been in such a situation took to Twitter to ask what makes a man thinks he deserves a lady’s number after watching her pay for her groceries at a shop and then meet her outside for the number.

According to Tolanibaj, if you’re going to watch a babe pay for her groceries, what makes you think you deserve to ask her number right after she walks out of the store as she thinks you need to pay for the groceries before asking for the number.

Most netizens seem to disagree with Tolanibaj no matter how they try to understand it saying a guy paying for a lady’s groceries is a kind gesture and not a necessity and it doesn’t mean he deserves your number after doing so.

What if the guy pays for the groceries and asks for the lady’s number but she refuses to give it to him, does it mean it’s a necessity for the lady to give her number to the guy since he has paid for her groceries?

screenshot below;


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