Funnybone Vows Never To Bring His Relationship On Social Media After What Happened To Alex Ekubo


Funnybone using the sad breakup of Alex Ekubo and his now ex-fiancee Fancy who were planning to get married in November as a lesson vowed that he will never bring his relationship on social media for anyone to destroy it.

According to him, even with a grenade to his head, he is never going to do any Instagram or social media love because social media folks can’t destroy what they don’t see hence to keep his relationship safe it must be off the net.

Alex Ekubo and Fancy were alleged to have dated for 5yrs off social media but the moment their relationship came to social media after he got her engaged, people started talking and it’s just a few months after the engagement and the relationship has ended.

Therefore, using that as a lesson, Funnybone has vowed never to bring his relationship to social media because he believes what people don’t see, they can’t destroy so his love life will never come to social media.

Looking at how Tonto Dikeh’s man is been dragged after she shared a photo of him, their relationship would have also ended just like this if not for the fact that they both don’t take social media folks seriously.

screenshot below;


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