Tacha Never Disappoints – Drags Tori For Her Fakeness In The Show The Challenge


BBNaija star Tacha never disappoints when it comes to speaking her mind and she has just done that again by dragging Tori over her fakeness in the show The Challenge.

Tacha happens to be one of MTV’s The Challenge contestants and as expected, she got furious with the fakeness of Tori hence dragged her for it in one of the episodes that have gone viral and got netizens talking.

Tacha in the video was heard telling Tori to her face that she’s fake and for that reason doesn’t like her because she dislikes fake people but then telling her other colleagues in the show she loves them and is very proud of them all.

Tacha seems a bit violent in the video that was sighted online and netizens reacting to that gave it to her that she never disappoints as she will tell you whatever she wants to say in your face and she doesn’t roll with fakeness.

This time around, Tacha was able to control herself and not hit anyone but then made sure her words pierce the heart of Tori who she never gave the chance to explain herself or say anything to defend herself.

Tacha is loved by a lot of people but the fact that she sometimes gets angry quickly and says things that aren’t supposed to be said is the only problem she has but she made sure to give Tori what she deserves for her fakeness.


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