Sandra Iheuwa Replies A Follower Who Said She’s Peppering Ubi Franklin With Her Marriage


Sandra Iheuwa has replied to a follower who said she’s peppering Ubi Franklin with her marriage saying she’s living her truth and it’s not everything that is about peppering.

Sandra Iheuwa and Ubi Franklin are ex-lovers and they have a daughter together but unfortunately, their relationship didn’t work out and now Sandra is married to the boss of Ryal Hair Steve Thompson and they’re enjoying themselves.

The two have been sharing romantic photos and videos on their page and a follower of Sandra Iheuwa reacting to the photos and videos she shares said she’s peppering Ubi Franklin with her marriage and how lovely they look.

Sandra Iheuwa replying to that made it clear that she’s not peppering anyone as she’s living her truth and sharing her happiness ain’t nothing wrong with that and everything is not about peppering asking him to leave the past where it is.

The fact that Sandra Iheuwa is an ex of Ubi Franklin doesn’t mean whatever she says or post now is to pepper him and as she said, we should let the past be where it is and let everyone live their own lives as they want.

Rumors have it that Sandra Iheuwa has cut ties with Ubi Franklin after their drama online but we hope for the sake of their daughter they could iron out their differences for her to be able to feel and experience the love of her father.

Sandra Iheuwa and Steve Thompson seem to be in love with each other so much based on photos and videos they share online and we hope and pray the love they have for each other never fades away.

screenshot below;


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