TBoss Replies Those Dragging Her For Doing Exactly What Her Sister Criticized CeeC For Doing


BBNaija reality show star TBoss has replied to those dragging her for doing exactly what her sister Goldie criticized CeeC for doing during the reality show.

Goldie criticized CeeC for celebrating her bad character saying it’s something no woman should ever celebrate and her sister TBoss was dragged into it as some netizens think she also showed her bad character during her time on the show.

TBoss has replied to all those criticizing and dragging her over what her sister said saying a bad character can never and would never be a word used to describe her as the fact that you don’t like her or have a different favorite doesn’t make her bad.

According to her, instead of saying she has a bad character just because you don’t like her or don’t necessarily agree with her, check yourself because obviously, you have a personal issue that you need to address that isn’t about her.

TBoss then vented her anger on all those dragging her saying the nerves of some of them amazes her saying their power is on the internet hence they should feel free to be and remain stupid forever since she didn’t buy their phones or top up their data for them.

TBoss claimed bad character can never be used to describe who she is but then went ahead to show some traits of bad character by insulting those who dragged her and her sister Goldie over her comment asking CeeC to be ashamed of celebrating bad character.

screenshot below;


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