Oma Nnadi Shares The Hate Messages She Got After Campaigning Against BBNaija’s Pere


Actress Oma Nnadi has shared screenshots of hate messages she got after campaigning against BBNaija’s Pere with some people referring to her as a disgrace.

Oma Nnadi decided to play a little game and these BBNaija toxic fans jumped on her neck with their hate messages just because she campaigned against their favorite Pere and some of the comments were very bad.

Some of these toxic fans went to the extent of dragging her family into the whole thing saying they pity her innocent children calling her a useless housewife and cursing her that she will suffer for the rest of her life just because of a game.

The rate at which these toxic BBNaija fans who support Pere insulted and cursed Oma Nnadi is very sad that now someone can’t express her thoughts about someone or something or even make a harmless joke out of it.

Pere is alleged to be a violent person and if his fans all turn out to be violent just like him then it’s not going to be good for anyone who has a contrary perception about him and that is evident with what they have done to Oma Nnadi.

Because of social media, some people have forgotten that there is something called respect hence talk to people who are better off than them anyhow just because they said something that didn’t go well with them.

screenshot below;


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