99-Year-Old Husband Weds 86-Year-Old Wife Again In Holy Matrimony


A 99-old Nigerian man who lives in Owerri, Imo State, has finally tied the knot with his 86-year-old beautiful wife in holy matrimony after being together for decades.
Michael Maduka, one of the children of the couple took to his Facebook page to share photos of from their white wedding and as he announces their marriage.

Michael who is happy that his mom and dad have officially become husband and wife described them as the newest couple in the whole world and expressed gratitude to God for their successful wedding ceremony.

He wrote;

“Wow… Finally, the did have Been Done!! Please friends Join me in Celebrating my Parents!! They are the Newest Couples in the Whole World. At Age 86 my mom still say… “Yes I Do” Again to my Daddy @ age 99. Lord, I thank you for the Success of it!!”

In other news, a lady has taken to social media to share his dilemma about how her employer at the office is making se.xual advances at her and is seeking advice from people on how to deal with it because she is married.

The unidentified woman revealed that her boss made her an offer that he will sleep with her and increase her salary from 50knaira to 150k naira if she agrees.

According to her, she came home and discussed with her husband only for her husband to give her biggest shock of her life as her husband urged her to accept the offer because the salary increment will them family.

Now she wants advice on what she should do, if she should accept the offer as her husband urged her or not.


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