“It Is Not Wise To Finance A Woman You’re Romancing” – Reno Omkri Advises Men


Reno Omokri has once again doled out a piece of advice to single men spoiling their girlfriends with money.

The former presidential aide who is fond of sharing his nuggets on social media about many issues stated that it is not the responsibility of a boyfriend to cater for the financial duties of a girlfriend. According to Reno, the girl’s father is responsible for the girl’s financial responsibilities.

He believes it is bad for a man to be forced into financing a woman with whom he is not married solely because they are in a romantic connection.

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Taking to Twitter to share his two cent, he wrote,

“Dear men, When a woman you date tells you she needs money, listen calmly without interrupting, then respond thus, ‘I am sorry, but it seems you mistake me for your father’. Don’t be pressured into financing a woman you are romancing. It is nice. It is not wise”.

Recall that Reno recently lambasted men who send girls using iPhone 12 “urgent 2K”. He labelled them as unwise men.

Ladies with fancy phones who have a tendency of soliciting young males for financial assistance are labeled by Reno as “marketers” who are merely looking to take advantage of the guys.

Any man who believes he is special to them and falls for their trap is a fool, he said.


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