Neo Is So Romantic – See How He Made Vee Speechless With His Birthday Surprise To Her (Video)


BBNaija star Neo has shown how romantic he is by leaving his girlfriend Vee and all of us speechless with his birthday surprise to her.

Yesterday was the birthday of Vee and Neo made sure he made it romantic and a memorable one with the surprise he gave Vee and it’s just amazing showing how romantic he can be with all the gifts he gave her.

Based on the reaction of Vee after seeing the gifts Neo got for her as a birthday present, it’s obvious Neo has been paying attention to the little things that Vee had wished for and got her the ones he could afford her birthday and it’s just romantic to watch.

Vee got surprised herself because she might have never imagined that Neo could give her all those items and more as a birthday present and fans are just in the ‘awwww’ moment expressing how much they love the video.

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Their love is growing stronger and better each day and we hope Vee and Neo will build their relationship very well as a lot of people are rooting for them to end up getting married and that too very soon.

This birthday of Vee is going to be a very memorable one looking at how romantic Neo was and all the surprises he gave her as going to be stuck in her memories forever and as the saying goes, the little things you do matters a lot.


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