“One Year Older, One Year Bolder” – Vee Writes As She Turns 25 Today


Big Brother Naija star, Victoria Adeyele (Vee), turns a year older today, August 19th and she seems to be excited about her growth.

The reality TV star turns 25 years old today and as expected, she has taken to social media to celebrate her new age.Vee

Vee, who seems to believe she has grown bolder as she ages, celebrated her growth of being a year older and bolder.

Since her days on the big brother Naija show, the singer has always been seen as a way too strong character and a little too bold and blunt, which made many dislike her due to that.


However, her boldness seems to be one of her favorite traits and she never seizes to proud herself of how she is never afraid to bold out.

Vee has shared, that, she is not too much into having a grand celebration for her birthday but her loved ones don’t seem to want the same thing. Her boyfriend, Neo, even hinted of serenading her and making the day his as well.


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