Toke Makinwa Sets Standard For Her Admirers – Says If You Ain’t Proposing With A Rock, Don’t At All


Media personality Toke Makinwa has set standards for her admirers saying they shouldn’t bother proposing to her if they ain’t doing it with a rock.

Sharing a video of herself wearing a diamond ring she got herself, Toke Makinwa made it clear to her admirers that she wants nothing less than a rock on her finger so if you ain’t proposing with that then don’t propose at all.

This standard that Toke Makinwa has set for her admirers is going to be a problem as it seems only those who can afford a rock that can approach her and propose to her with it which indirectly means only the rich or well to do guys have the chance.

Toke Makinwa has her own career and business that is doing very well and has her own money hence asking that only those who can propose to her with a rock should be the only ones to approach her is a way of safeguarding her territory.

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Some people usually say money is used to get money and since Toke Makinwa has her own money, she wants someone who also has money and can afford a rock just like her so that her money won’t be misused all in the name of marriage.

But then there are some people who will try their best to afford the rock that Toke Makinwa wants and propose to her, but no one knows what will happen next if she finds out that the person is in for her money and nothing else.

screenshot below;


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