What We See As ‘Cruise’ Is Enough To Make One Depressed — Actress Ifunanya Igwe


Nigerian actress, Ifunanya Igwe has asserted that what some people see as cruise these days is enough to send one to depression.

According to Ifunanya in a recent post on her Instagram page that some people hide under toxicity to show their real self and turn around and term it as cruise.

She advised people to take mental health seriously because you might not know what the next person is going through.

Read some reactions from Nigerians to his post below;

This is it. The same people advocating on mental health and depression and the ones supporting toxicity and calling it cruise and entertainment. Sentiment aside, put yourself in peoples shoes. Pere ain’t the only one in the game neither is whitemoney but why the constant attack on him. If he is not mentally strong he would have succumbed. Imagine instigating others to hate and see someone as a threat, you didn’t succeed, you stopped him from doing what he likes doing yet u didn’t succeed, you still go ahead to provoke and bully him. You ain’t still succeeding yet you are still trying to paint a bad light about him. How much can someone really take? How is this content and drama? We all protested during end sars, we all cried and felt the pain when people lost their lives and yet we applaud things like this as a nation? Mehn


Thank you… its cruise until you are the one bullied. It can come in d form of an abusive husband. So when you were clapping hand for the show… also don’t cry to instablog when u are hit or verbally abused!


Facts only. Social media can be very toxic if you’re not a strong person especially those Twitter children they don’t have manners



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