Stop Rushing To Have A Relationship Because You Feel Lonely – Tonto Dikeh Advises


Actress Tonto Dikeh has advised that we should stop rushing to have a relationship just because we feel lonely but rather look to understand ourselves first.

Tonto Dikeh shared a post advising individuals to stop looking to have a relationship with someone just because they are lonely but rather look to understand themselves and know what they want and God before going into a relationship.

According to Tonto Dikeh, you should focus on accomplishing your dreams and goals and focus on becoming the best version of yourself first before even thinking or looking to have a relationship with someone and not because you are lonely.

Tonto Dikeh also added that rushing to having someone in your life won’t fill that empty void you are feeling therefore it’s best if you work on yourself and try to fill the void before looking for someone to have a relationship with.

Tonto Dikeh has been in this position after her relationship with her ex-husband ended badly but didn’t rush to have another relationship immediately we guess until she healed and accomplished herself and now has a man who loves her so much.

Tonto Dikeh is right to say rushing to have a relationship won’t fill the void in your life because the next relationship you rush into might be even worse than the previous one if you don’t work on yourself, hence you work on yourself first before allowing another into your life again.


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