BBNaija 2021: “I Don’t Like You Like I Used To” – Whitemoney Tells Maria


Whitemoney had a heart-to-heart conversation with Maria this afternoon and he ended up revealing to her his current feelings towards her.

He stated that, when they came to the house in the beginning, he really liked Maria a whole lot but, he, however, does not have the same feeling towards her any longer.Maria and Whtemoney

The two were talking about relationships and Whitemoney was sharing with Maria how he goes after someone he likes. Maria then made a statement in a question form about him knowing she’s taken which he responded by saying he doesn’t know anything about her.

Maria then insisted saying she remembers she has told him she’s taken it before and Whitemoney said he’s not sure he ever asked as he wasn’t trying to ask her out.

Maria and Whitemoney

Maria then said but she knows he likes her and he responded saying he actually did like her for real to which she surprisingly reacted to him using ‘did’ in the past tense and Whitemoney opened up saying though he still likes her, it is not as much as he used to.

Maria then asked what she did wrong for him to stop liking her but he said they both know what happened and that he didn’t want to go there.


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