BBNaija2021: Maria Slaps Pere On The Face At Last Night’s Party, For Spanking Her A**


General Pere took a slap on the face after he tried to play dirty with his love interest, Maria, at last night’s party.

While head of hosue and his deputy were getting their groove on having a good time and dancing, Pere seems to have been way up in his head and decided to give Maria a spank on the a**.Maria and Pere

She, however, was not having it and reacted to the spank in a rather unexpected way. Pere was standing behind her when he made the move but Maria quickly turned and she gave him a slap on the face as a no.

This is however not the first time Maria has received Pere’s sexual advance with this kind of reaction. However, he never seems to give up.

Maria and Pere

Though Pere’s intention towards Maria is well known, she, however, has severally claimed she wants them to be good friends and it seems doesn’t want to entertain any kind of advances from hm.

General pere chop slap for spanking Maria’s ass 😅😅…. #BBNaija #MariaTheContent

— Flawless Marian 😋 #bbnaija (@meekflawless) August 15, 2021


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