There are important things to fight for than free menstrual pads for girls — Actress Etinosa


Popular Nollywood Actress, Etinosa Idemudia, has taken to her social media to kick against the idea of females getting free menstrual pads.

In recent times, women-rights activists have bolstered calls for sanitary pads to be freely given, and society is beginning to slowly key into that idea , but for Etinosa, there are better things to fight for right now.

There are more relevant things to fight for than Free Menstrual Pads for girls. No offense but i would rather fight for FREE VENTOLIN INHALERS than fight for free Menstrual pads using the same premise-nobody asked to be asthmatic.
While Asthma kills, I have never seen anyone die from blood stain.
I write this clutching my now ritualist-expensive inhaler in my hand; and the price keeps increasing daily.
Yea fight for free food too


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