“Don’t look down on a guy because of his present financial state” – Nigerian woman advises women; says she met her husband while he was working as a waiter


Mayowa Dudushewa Ekundayo, a mother of two has advised Nigerian women to never look down on a man because of his present financial state, as things could change for the better in the nearest future

She gave the advice today August 4, hoping it helps someone in a similar situation.

Her post reads ;

It was a day of joy when my husband bagged his PhD. I was very happy and fulfilled because we started the journey together!

When we met 6 years prior, he was doing his Masters programme but was struggling financially and had to support himself by working as a waiter in a restaurant.

I still said “Yes” to him when he asked me for a relationship because I saw beyond his present struggle.
I saw a man who had a vision, clear about his purpose, hard working and loved me. I was ready to “suffer” with him because I knew I would also “reign” with him. It was only a matter of time.

Many ladies today want a ready-made man. A man they would not need to “suffer” with but only “reign” with.

Please, don’t look down on a guy just because of his present financial state!
Don’t lose a great guy!
Don’t despise the days of humble beginnings.

I hope this helps someone?

Dr. Ekundayo is a New Zealand-based relationship coach, who is married to Internationally acclaimed Preacher and Motivational speaker, Dr. Samuel Ekundayo.


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