Abba Kyari EDITS his Hushpuppi story ; says the 8 Million transaction slip Hushpuppi sent to him was evidence for a case of debt collection.


Embattled police chief, Abba Kyari,on Tuesday denied collecting bribes from Ramon ‘Hushpuppi’ Abbas to detain a gang member Chibuzo Vincent, saying the fraudster only sent him receipts of N8 million transaction to help him recover a loan.

In an edited-but-now-deleted post on his facebook page, Abba Kyari changed his story as he came under widespread public ridicule and police administrative action. He said the N8 million reported by The Gazette, which was subsequently reported by other media outlets, was for him to collect as an outstanding debt owed to Hushpuppi, and not as a bribe for him to hold Chibuzo for the scamming of Qatari businessperson to pull through as alleged by the FBI in court filings.

Part of the post reads ;


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