Local Butt enlargement brand blasts Nina for going for plastic surgery barely 3 weeks after she signed a deal with them.


Big Brother Naija star, Nina Ivy has been called out by a local butt enlargement brand for undergoing a surgery, barely three weeks after signing a deal to “influence for the brand.”

According to the brand, Nina’s action has brought a distasteful damage to the brand and they are demanding for a full refund from the reality star.

The brand wrote ;

@nina_ivy_ @nina_ivy_ how in the world do I explain to people about this damage you have done to my brand????barely 3weeks you signed a deal with me you went ahead to use the money to do plastic surgery,why didn’t you finish the deal as promised since you already collected money from me, l paid you millions of naira, Asides the fact that I am collecting my full balance back from you I need a public apology for the confusion you have caused today on social media today,) am the least person to be messed with because I know how hard I have worked for my brand, is it a bad thing I paid you to influence for me???? you are liking posts and being shady thinking you can step on anyone’s toes. It’s the fact that since all this you silly girl haven’t even reached out to me to apologize personally!!! @nina_ivy_ you have messed with the wrong person because me I am coming for you!!!!


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