“It won’t take me a minute to expose your callous prostitution acts with your so-called marketer” – Lanre Gentry blasts his ex-wife, Mercy Aigbe.


Actress Mercy Aigbe and her ex-husband, Lanre Gentry have been fighting dirty via social media and it is getting really messy.

It all started when Mercy Aigbe celebrated herself on Father’s Day and Lanre then sent a subliminal message her way. (Read here)

Mercy fired back, calling him a shameless man and now Lanre has also counter-attacked.

He fired back, saying ;

@realmecyaigbe, it doesn’t take me a minute to expose all your shady secrets callous inhuman and prostitution acts with all your so call marketer, but I will not ,because of my son Olajuwon and your very good mother. But when the time comes the whole world will still know the fake life you’re living and you need to stop all this your arrogant life


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