Comedy Video: Mark Angel Comedy – Election Day


Popular Nigerian comedy group, Mark Angel Comedy drops a brand new comedy from the “Caretaker Series”, and they tagged this one “Election Day”.

The ‘D’ finally arrives, the election day where tenants get to cast their for their preferred National Caretaker. This is battle between Mr Azu of the Azu People Party (APP), Mimi, Mimi Party(MP) and finally Baze 10 of Baze 10 People Party.

So, the day start on a quite rough note after Mark gave her a huge some of money to Ebere supposedly meant for the buying of votes from the other compounds people to enable Azu win the election.

Unfortunately, Ebere went on to buy a goat instead of the votes, because she wasn’t paying attention to them, she was busy with her phone at that time.

This action by her made Mr. Azu more angry and chased them away.

Find out who won the National Caretakership election in this very funny Mark Angel Comedy.


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