“I am sick of the culture here” – Billionaire daughter, Hauwa Indimi says a woman gave her disapproving look for sitting down to pray while pregnant


Billonaire daughter, Hauwa Indimi-Yar’adua has recounted how a woman gave her a disapproving look for sitting down to pray while she was pregnant.

Hauwa, who welcomed her first child in October, 2019, shared this while reacting to a post about the changes women’s body go through during pregnancy and after childbirth.

According to Hauwa, despite the pain, women are still the main critics of expectant mothers because they expect them to endure the pain and wear it with pride.

The mother of one stated that she is tired of this culture.

She wrote on her Instastories,

“Yea but same women will tell you ‘we ve all done it, stop acting all special.’ Sick of the culture around here expecting women to suck things up. Everyones experience is different.”

“Woman gave me the side eye when I was pregnant with my son and seated while praying. On my mind I was like F off. I do not care how you force your body to do things to prove a point while you were pregnant”

See her post below,


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